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Like waxing, sugaring is an ancient tradition and becomes more and more popular with us. In the Orient sugaring has been used to remove hair for millennia. Waxme is the first salon in Trier to focus on hair removal with warm wax and sugar paste.

WaxMe - Krone


There are two different techniques for sugaring: the flicking technique, where the sugaring specialist massages sugar paste into the pores and removes it with flicking motions – the so-called “flicks” – in the direction of the hair growth, and sugaring with strips. For the second technique, a thin layer of sugar paste is applied to the skin and pulled off with a fleece strip. Both methods allow for the hair to be removed in the direction of the hair growth. As with waxing, you should give the skin time to rest for 24 hours after the treatment before starting to use exfoliating scrubs approx. two times a week in order to keep the pores clean and prevent ingrown hairs.

WaxMe - Krone


Removal in the direction of the hair growth
Sugaring allows for the hair to be removed in the direction of the hair growth which not only makes the treatment gentler, but also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs as well as hair breakage during the treatment.

Removal of very short hairs
Even very short hairs of about 2 mm in length can be removed with the sugar paste.The sugar molecules are so small that they can penetrate the hair follicle and hair surface. The sugar adheres to the hair and ensures a thorough and effective removal. Even for sensitive skin: the sugar paste is made of purely natural ingredients which makes it especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is applied at body temperature and leaves less redness.